"Off the Wall" Art Auction - June 22-25, 2015

UNTITLED (detail)
As always, our "Off the Wall" art auction offered an eclectic assemblage of artwork from a variety of artists. Enter: Ronald William Bolt, Gershon Iskowitz, Roy Lichtenstein and Dorothy Knowles.

This season’s June sale featured a wide variety of Canadian and International artists on scales large and small. As the current market for collecting has shifted to a more modern taste, our monthly online auctions offer many works of abstraction that would benefit any contemporary art enthusias. Side by side with works of the classic tradition, including esteemed Canadian artists Frederick Stanley Haines and Paul Rodrik, bidding online has never been so fun… and rewarding.

Our "Off the Wall" art auctions continue to exceed our expectations here at Waddington’s. With art coming in all the time, fine art specialist Doug Payne, together with his remarkable eye for detail, selects and supplies the demand for abstraction and mixed media works that attract so many collectors. With this our monthly online auctions continue to appeal to a vast audience, with art that ranges in style, subject matter, palette and is easy on the wallet.

We hope you enjoyed the selection of artwork featured in our "Off the Wall" art auctions throughout the season.

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Posted: 6/15/2015 12:00:00 AM
By: Tess McLean


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